Working on big UI projects and websites, we know how important to have a clear project structure and one-click access to every design screen. That’s why we created drafta, where designers can store project screens organized as site-tree navigation. Every screen can be shared with a client or teammate, simply by sending the link.

Uploading files

Drag’n’drop screens or manually create pages. Bulk upload is limited to 20 files and accepts PNG, JPG, and GIF files. Each file will be converted into a page in the sidebar.

Retina-ready designs

If you are uploading a retina ready (x2) designs you can scale them to native browser size. To do so just go to Project settings and toggle Scale for retina switch.

Change project look

You can set project background color globally or to each page separately. Go to Project/Page settings and simply enter the HEX color code.

Organize pages

Pages are organized in three levels. Groups / Pages / Subpages. You can change page order easily dragging and dropping them in the desired place.

Edit pages or groups

Each page has its own settings, you can change the background color or turn off the retina scale individually. Hover on a page/group name and click the menu icon.

Share project

To share a project or a page, just copy the address URL. By default, all projects are public. You can change this in Project settings and make a project private. Your invited collaborators will still have the access.

Private groups

If you want to make pages private, just create a private group and drag these pages there. This will hide them from public access. Collaborators will still have an access to private groups.

Working together

You can invite members to work together on a project. A collaborator can add designs, organize pages and groups as well as renaming or deleting them. Only Project Admin can delete a project.

Bulk update screens

Just drop new files in the sidebar and they will automatically update the pages with the matched filenames.

Update one screen

Open the page and drop new file right on the old screen. This will make an update and replace the filename for future bulk updates.

Change project thumbnail

Go to Page settings and click on ‘Set image as project preview’ link.


  • Alt + ← or → switches screens in project view mode;
  • Alt + N open new page dialog;
  • Alt + H hides sidebar.

Pricing plans?

At this moment drafta is in beta mode. We are collecting feedback from our first users and fixing bugs. We plan to make an official release by the end of 2018. As for now, we expect our pricing plans to depend on how many projects a user has.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us hello@drafta.co

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